Modular, Efficiency

Baya is an advanced building production system: innovative / modular / flexible / efficient

Houselab Tech is proud to present Baya: patented technology that allows anyone to design and order their dream home in a simple and accessible way.

Our goal is to democratize and globalize the home building industry, providing the user with a completely new and unique experience.

It doesn't depend on prior design or contractors, and allows you to choose the type and specifications of the house you want. Our technology guarantees efficiency, reliability and high quality, as well as strict deadlines and construction costs. Baya also allows for functional and aesthetic adaptability throughout the life cycle of the house.

Sleena is an advanced building production system – innovative, modular, flexible and highly efficient.

Our technology has a reduced environmental impact, guaranteeing a healthy home through the use of non-toxic materials.

The houseFIT technology allows for unique houses in terms of design and high quality, by combining a range of just over 300 SKUs. Our closed system is made up of complete, yet small and lightweight components that do not require the use of cranes. Automated external production guarantees high performance, a low carbon footprint and no mortar - zero cement. The removable finishes provide infinite adaptability in terms of aesthetics and rehabilitation.

We believe we have created an innovative technology that will revolutionize the housing construction sector.